Week 24 Thoughts Create Reality!

Well wow!  Week 24 of MKMMA!  Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun and being challenged at the same time!

I chose the title  “Thoughts Create Reality” to constantly remind myself, especially my SUBJECTIVE MIND, my “Subby”, that THOUGHTS,  our core beliefs,  do indeed create our reality!

The Course is absolutely phenomenal  and the organization and dedication of Mark, Davene and the Team and Guides is to be commended!

The interesting thing for me is I was very familiar with all of these concepts and with Haanel and Wattles and Emerson and the like but that said,  doing it with such an incredible ALLIANCE of quality individuals with a totally planned out  syllabus  made all the difference  the world!

Thoughts indeed do create our realities!

We are… therefore we can… therefore we will!!!

The journey continues…..

John Novello

PS  Just do it!!!

Week 23 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Week 23 was a great reminder of three important concepts that help keep us on the road of growth::

  1. Acceptance
  2. Responsibility
  3. Defenselessness

Acceptance does not mean agree with situations as they are, it’s simply being in the moment and not evaluating the moment as good or bad, or struggling against it; it’s just being in the moment “comfortably and perceiving” as then our true power is available for whatever we want to manifest!

Responsibility is not being a victim, not playing the blame, shame, regret game but taking responsibility (cause) for every thing in our lives for by doing that, we can change anything and adjust it towards our definite major purpose.

Defenselessness is being so serene that there is no need to defend the position we have chosen. We can therefore comfortably observe any and all points of view without fear that our point of view will be alloyed unless we decide to causatively change it. There is no need to assert rightness or be critical of others points of view. We are at one with our beingness and know that all points of view are a work in progress and so we can grant beingness to all, everything, something, nothing and everything in between.

We are “nothingnessess” who are capable of creating “somethingnessess”, our unique personal manifestation by acknowledging and using the invisible power of the Universal Intelligence that we are entitled to!

From NOTHING we create (manifest) SOMETHING! SPIRIT is the WORD! The WORD precedes and commands the MANIFESTATION! The MANIFEST Universe, the Physical Universe, is the WORD of the Ultimate Creative Mind; our personal MANIFEST Universes are the WORD of our creative subjective minds! Our Universes are the individual expressions of the Universal Creative Mind.

Applicable quote:

“The Universal Intelligence – seeks expression in each of our individual lives. It has no other intention towards these individual lives other than “that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” To suppose the opposite would be a contradiction in terms. It would be to suppose the Eternal Principle of Life acting against itself, expressing itself as the reverse of what it is, in which case it would not be expressing itself but expressing its opposite; so that it is impossible to conceive of the Spirit of Life acting otherwise than to the increase of life. As our consciousness of unity becomes more perfect so will the life-givingness of the Spirit become more apparent.”

The Edinburgh Lectures THOMAS TROWARD

We are the individualizations of the Universal Creative Mind! I can not express how powerful and serene I feel knowing I am the individualization of the Universal Creative Mind. And now that I know this intrinsically there’s no way to unknown it ever again!

Yay! Fantastic! I have arrived! I am! I’m me!

The rest is simply playing this great game called life no matter what it’s wins and losses, trials and tribulations, ups and downs, while trusting my inner higher self as what is the higher self but the Universal Creative Mind channeling thru us?

I can land on any branch no matter how thin, how windy, how dangerous…because  I get it duh! I am what I will to be; I can fly whenever I want to where I want.

Personally… “I am what I will to be” now has a deeper meaning than a simple affirmation I was regurgitating expecting miraculous results. I now know without a doubt that I am plugged into the Universal Infinite Creative Mind! The separation has ended; the plastic ego has dissolved, cement Buddha cracked!

Time to begin the real game of LOVE and SERVICE!

Sounds hokey I know….but I can now USE THE FORCE! The Knowledge I have been studying since the beginning of time, my lifetimes, is now in my heart! It’s me, I am it!  Wow… It’s a spiritual rush ending the separation and plugging into the power. I never understood surrender and acceptance; I do now!

We are all Obi Wan Kenobi’s if we recognize and use the FORCE!

The Universal Mind and I are one, only difference being of degree!








Week 22 Thoughts Create Reality1

Subby Subby Subby….  What a concept to let Subjective Subby who is connected to Universal Subby manifest your clearly inputted ideal scene thought form.

In Haanel 22 – 31, he states opportunity follows perception, action follows inspiration, growth follows knowledge, eminence flows progress. Always the spiritual first and then the transformation into the infinite and illimitable possibilities of the achievement.

But you have to pay attention to the opportunities presented by the world within or they fly right by you!


Juts the other day I was in my recording studio working on a song. I took a phone call and when I came back I had this distinct voice (the world within) suggest a musical concept just as clear as someone sitting next to me making the same suggestion. Now I could have ignored the suggestion saying I’m busy working on the song at hand but it intrigued me and so I pursued it even though at first it appeared to be a distraction at a glance. Well glad I paid attention because a whole new musical project manifested and the first composition literally manifested in about tow hours and now an entire new CD is in the makings!

The moral of the story: Pay attention to the Infinite as if you have faith and gratitude – that’s the power hook up – and a clear definite major purpose and realize you are an individualization of the Universal Mind (surrender to this), you will have all the power and support to carry out the Infinite’s goal and manifest it into the Finite thru your unique God-given talents and abilities!

The world within which YOU create does indeed create the world without but you a) have to get out of the way of thee manifestation and b) pay attention to the suggestions and operate accordingly and get into ACTION!

What a fascinating arrangement and game… absolutely f…. incredible!





Week 21 – Thoughts Create Reality

The terrible three questions as I refer to them:

What am I pretending not to know?

What would the future me do right now?

When will I begin?

Are devastating to my cement Buddha, my normal operative mindset and comfort zone! Everyday I ask myself these questions and if I’m honest which at times does take will power, the answers lead me further towards my DMP!

Living my days each as they may be my last also motivate me to “go for it” instead of the complacency mindset of  “Oh well… there’s always tomorrow”!

Recognizing that the miracle of The Universal Subjective Mind  and my Subjective Mind as being one and the same making me a miracle has hooked me up to the infinite power. That said, hooking up is one thing but  then getting into ACTION is quite another and a necessity for while in action, the Infinite send ideas and signs that if you’re paying attention, can really create major break throughs!

These fundamentals should be what a  College education is vs a series of course unrelated to each other with no focus on the world within whatsoever!

I can be what I will to be – no doubts and reservations and when the journey get’s rough, I know I’m about to have a major break through so power pose, law of substitution, listen to recording, read press release, scroll, service cards and ask the three revealing questions above.

The world within does truly create the world without at all times so we better make the world within exactly what we want, duh!

I am  natures greatest miracle and so are you!

Week 20 – Thoughts Create Reality

Week 20 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Wow! Would have never thought that a physical action (power posing) could inspire and change my belief, faith, activity, operational basis, mindset and mojo instantly!


It’s amazing! Last week, I had several challenging life situations try and beat me up. Normally I use a variety of tools to over ride any mind negativity – substituting positive thoughts for negative ones, listening to my recorded DMP, reading my Blueprint builder, Mandino Scrolls, affirmations etc – all incredible tools and all work. But Power Posing is frankly at least for me instantaneous as to its positive effect.

The other day life was closing in – and still is – as far as financial threat and danger and insidiously knocking me off my game and I decided to Power Pose in the mirror. The effect was instantaneous, I mean literally instantaneous! And now the negative thoughts and/or emotions hardly even dare to show up because the threat of the imminent power pose is enough to chase them away before even the power pose my favorite being the Rocky two hands over the head “Yeah baby” symbolic victory pose!

It immediately hooks me up to that future me, that ideal me, described in my Press Release!

Who would have thought such a simple physical action could have such a world within positive instantaneous effect?

But here’s my nugget: It’s really not the physical pose that’s causing this positive effect! It’s me DECIDING to do the pose which is a thought you see. By deciding to do the power pose which is simply a symbol for success… I am really choosing success and showing it in the world without which instantly wire’s “subby” to the correct world within point of view or basic core belief – game over!

Thoughts create reality when you DECIDE so!

I am what I will to be!

Week 19 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Well…. now that I figured out how to perceive, acknowledge and hook up to the power- The Universal Mind, Divine Providence, God, Thinking Stuff, Ether, Akasha, Cause of Causes – what ever you want to call it, the next step is how to ask specifically for what you need with clarity and purpose and how to operate on a daily consistent basis.

Here’s what I have come up with so far that seems to be working:

1. Make what you ask for be pro-survival and of service not only to you but others
2. It should also be of service to the Universal as after all, we are spirit – mind-body individual expressions of the Universal Invisible Energy that seeks expression thru us.
3. Faith and gratitude seem to keep the connection and the invisible power flowing.
4. Negativity of any sort seems to cut the power so that needs constant vigilance.
5. We must be actively pursuing our definite major purpose and giving more than expected in all cycles of action and with no real “must have” on return.
6. We must constantly give thanks for what we have asked the Universal for as if it has already been manifested the reason being it has already been fulfilled by the Universal but the details of which are being worked on in the physical plane as how and when delivery will take place!
7. We must state our desire constantly to keep it active, to overcome all barriers!

The above is not theory for me anymore; it is empirical!

Thoughts do create reality so make sure your thoughts are the ones that will further your definite major purpose!

But what do I know? I’m just a jazz musician!


Week 18 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Haanel is really on fire!

“The INDIVIDUAL is simply the differentiation of the one UNIVERSAL MIND which lighteth every man that cometh into the world and his so called individuality and personality consists of nothing but the manner in which he relates to the whole.”

That helps me plug into the power,what about you?

Recognition of self as an individualization of the UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE is a mega hook up.

Time to use it (the universal power) or lose it! But you can’t use it if you’re not conscious of it!

The toaster has to be not only plugged in to the AC (power), but it has to be switched on. Faith and gratefulness plugs us in and “asketh and ye shall receiveth” starts the power download.

You plug the toaster in consciously because we know the power is there and works even though we don’t fully understand the power. We also know that the power will not flow until we switch the toaster on which translates for “asking” for the power to do it’s thang!
It doesn’t even probably know what its powering but nevertheless, it is powering!

I know this now with no doubts!

I am what I will to be now makes even more sense when you’re plugged in and switched on for acceptance so be very clear what you need for your personal growth and achievement, very clear indeed because its coming anyway!

The UNIVERSAL always keeps its promises!

Week 17 Thoughts Create Reality!

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, the old Blueprint seems to be making a full out charge to save itself from complete destruction! And I tell you…. it’s pretty strong and tenacious; it would have to be considering how long it has been cemented in position and operating with no major challenges.

I’ve decided to sit quietly and focus on “just being” in present time to contact the Universal Power that we all are individual and unique representations of.

In another book Haanel wrote “Mental Chemistry”, Haanel said ” The spirit really lives completely only when it sees itself reflected in the material world.”

I’ve been focusing on that datum as it resonates very true for me and in fact is THE most complete and simple summation of the purpose of life I have ever come across.

To me, that is the ultimate definition of being successful!

What do you think?

Week 16 – Thoughts Create Reality!

I think it’s time to revisit my DMP as currently, life is a challenging and a changing at a very high rate of speed!

The new blueprint is definitely trying to emerge from the garden but the weeds, insects and animals trying hard to prevent that wonderful event from occurring. I sense that my entire life has been moving towards this day of reckoning. I have been both excited and fearful of this event as I know there is great sacrifice and even greater faith involved…. It’s my supreme test, the moment of truth, the defining moment, turning point, critical mass!

Why it should feel this way I do not know? Probably because my old core beliefs are so cemented in with conservatism, comfort and familiarity that I know to have a defining breakthrough means giving up all that “false security” and going for it!

When I signed up for this Alliance I know down deep that this would be the case!

I am what I will to be.

I made a promise that this time around the cement Buddha would not triumph; that I would have a breakthrough and I always keep my promises!!!

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

This hero’s going all the way and so are all of you!

Week 15 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Something spectacular happened this week actually!

I’ll share something quite intimate that I have never shared before as us “famous” cats are taught to be careful… to watch our PR if you know what I mean… but this group is different as we’re all part of the creative journey. I’m a world renowned jazz pianist and composer; considered one of the best and I don’t say that to bra or be self important. I’ve worked very hard and long to achieve what I have achieved but that said I have never despite all the awards and accolades and two Grammy bands agreed with that evaluation and thus been able to play 100% to my standards without some self doubt and negative chatter BS in my space. One of the reasons I was drawn to this Alliance is I had an intuition that I needed to join it. But just today…I tried an interesting combination – as I blew some jazz on my concert grand in my studio I keep repeating the affirmation:

“I am an effortless player! I play exactly what I want when I want effortlessly and I admire what I do(grateful). I am nature’s greatest miracle! Since the beginning of time no one can play exactly like I can or say what I can say, no one! I am rare!” Sorry Og but had to adapt your writing to my situation.

This is part of my DMP but I never tried inputting my DMP and Og while playing. No voices in the old head this time; no self doubt. I just let the light shine baby! Because of the no two thoughts can occupy the same space simultaneously, knowledge is for application, recognizing I am hooked up to the power (use the FORCE John) positive mental diet, gratitude cards and more… forgetaboutit! Blueprint was nuked at least while performing which for me is everything! My playing went to a high aesthetic effortless high level of quality and communication and now even I love it! That’s a major shatter of the old blueprint cement and would have never happened without all of the input variation into our subjective minds (subby)!

Now every time I play, it’s with zero chatter. I’m totally in the NOW and doing what I’m doing while I’m doing it!

The past and the future have been nullified.

To be or not to be was the question… The answer is I am who I will to be, I am nature’s greatest miracle and so are you!!!