Week 15 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Something spectacular happened this week actually!

I’ll share something quite intimate that I have never shared before as us “famous” cats are taught to be careful… to watch our PR if you know what I mean… but this group is different as we’re all part of the creative journey. I’m a world renowned jazz pianist and composer; considered one of the best and I don’t say that to bra or be self important. I’ve worked very hard and long to achieve what I have achieved but that said I have never despite all the awards and accolades and two Grammy bands agreed with that evaluation and thus been able to play 100% to my standards without some self doubt and negative chatter BS in my space. One of the reasons I was drawn to this Alliance is I had an intuition that I needed to join it. But just today…I tried an interesting combination – as I blew some jazz on my concert grand in my studio I keep repeating the affirmation:

“I am an effortless player! I play exactly what I want when I want effortlessly and I admire what I do(grateful). I am nature’s greatest miracle! Since the beginning of time no one can play exactly like I can or say what I can say, no one! I am rare!” Sorry Og but had to adapt your writing to my situation.

This is part of my DMP but I never tried inputting my DMP and Og while playing. No voices in the old head this time; no self doubt. I just let the light shine baby! Because of the no two thoughts can occupy the same space simultaneously, knowledge is for application, recognizing I am hooked up to the power (use the FORCE John) positive mental diet, gratitude cards and more… forgetaboutit! Blueprint was nuked at least while performing which for me is everything! My playing went to a high aesthetic effortless high level of quality and communication and now even I love it! That’s a major shatter of the old blueprint cement and would have never happened without all of the input variation into our subjective minds (subby)!

Now every time I play, it’s with zero chatter. I’m totally in the NOW and doing what I’m doing while I’m doing it!

The past and the future have been nullified.

To be or not to be was the question… The answer is I am who I will to be, I am nature’s greatest miracle and so are you!!!


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