Week 18 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Haanel is really on fire!

“The INDIVIDUAL is simply the differentiation of the one UNIVERSAL MIND which lighteth every man that cometh into the world and his so called individuality and personality consists of nothing but the manner in which he relates to the whole.”

That helps me plug into the power,what about you?

Recognition of self as an individualization of the UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE is a mega hook up.

Time to use it (the universal power) or lose it! But you can’t use it if you’re not conscious of it!

The toaster has to be not only plugged in to the AC (power), but it has to be switched on. Faith and gratefulness plugs us in and “asketh and ye shall receiveth” starts the power download.

You plug the toaster in consciously because we know the power is there and works even though we don’t fully understand the power. We also know that the power will not flow until we switch the toaster on which translates for “asking” for the power to do it’s thang!
It doesn’t even probably know what its powering but nevertheless, it is powering!

I know this now with no doubts!

I am what I will to be now makes even more sense when you’re plugged in and switched on for acceptance so be very clear what you need for your personal growth and achievement, very clear indeed because its coming anyway!

The UNIVERSAL always keeps its promises!


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