Week 19 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Well…. now that I figured out how to perceive, acknowledge and hook up to the power- The Universal Mind, Divine Providence, God, Thinking Stuff, Ether, Akasha, Cause of Causes – what ever you want to call it, the next step is how to ask specifically for what you need with clarity and purpose and how to operate on a daily consistent basis.

Here’s what I have come up with so far that seems to be working:

1. Make what you ask for be pro-survival and of service not only to you but others
2. It should also be of service to the Universal as after all, we are spirit – mind-body individual expressions of the Universal Invisible Energy that seeks expression thru us.
3. Faith and gratitude seem to keep the connection and the invisible power flowing.
4. Negativity of any sort seems to cut the power so that needs constant vigilance.
5. We must be actively pursuing our definite major purpose and giving more than expected in all cycles of action and with no real “must have” on return.
6. We must constantly give thanks for what we have asked the Universal for as if it has already been manifested the reason being it has already been fulfilled by the Universal but the details of which are being worked on in the physical plane as how and when delivery will take place!
7. We must state our desire constantly to keep it active, to overcome all barriers!

The above is not theory for me anymore; it is empirical!

Thoughts do create reality so make sure your thoughts are the ones that will further your definite major purpose!

But what do I know? I’m just a jazz musician!



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