Week 20 – Thoughts Create Reality

Week 20 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Wow! Would have never thought that a physical action (power posing) could inspire and change my belief, faith, activity, operational basis, mindset and mojo instantly!


It’s amazing! Last week, I had several challenging life situations try and beat me up. Normally I use a variety of tools to over ride any mind negativity – substituting positive thoughts for negative ones, listening to my recorded DMP, reading my Blueprint builder, Mandino Scrolls, affirmations etc – all incredible tools and all work. But Power Posing is frankly at least for me instantaneous as to its positive effect.

The other day life was closing in – and still is – as far as financial threat and danger and insidiously knocking me off my game and I decided to Power Pose in the mirror. The effect was instantaneous, I mean literally instantaneous! And now the negative thoughts and/or emotions hardly even dare to show up because the threat of the imminent power pose is enough to chase them away before even the power pose my favorite being the Rocky two hands over the head “Yeah baby” symbolic victory pose!

It immediately hooks me up to that future me, that ideal me, described in my Press Release!

Who would have thought such a simple physical action could have such a world within positive instantaneous effect?

But here’s my nugget: It’s really not the physical pose that’s causing this positive effect! It’s me DECIDING to do the pose which is a thought you see. By deciding to do the power pose which is simply a symbol for success… I am really choosing success and showing it in the world without which instantly wire’s “subby” to the correct world within point of view or basic core belief – game over!

Thoughts create reality when you DECIDE so!

I am what I will to be!


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