Week 21 – Thoughts Create Reality

The terrible three questions as I refer to them:

What am I pretending not to know?

What would the future me do right now?

When will I begin?

Are devastating to my cement Buddha, my normal operative mindset and comfort zone! Everyday I ask myself these questions and if I’m honest which at times does take will power, the answers lead me further towards my DMP!

Living my days each as they may be my last also motivate me to “go for it” instead of the complacency mindset of  “Oh well… there’s always tomorrow”!

Recognizing that the miracle of The Universal Subjective Mind  and my Subjective Mind as being one and the same making me a miracle has hooked me up to the infinite power. That said, hooking up is one thing but  then getting into ACTION is quite another and a necessity for while in action, the Infinite send ideas and signs that if you’re paying attention, can really create major break throughs!

These fundamentals should be what a  College education is vs a series of course unrelated to each other with no focus on the world within whatsoever!

I can be what I will to be – no doubts and reservations and when the journey get’s rough, I know I’m about to have a major break through so power pose, law of substitution, listen to recording, read press release, scroll, service cards and ask the three revealing questions above.

The world within does truly create the world without at all times so we better make the world within exactly what we want, duh!

I am  natures greatest miracle and so are you!


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