Week 23 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Week 23 was a great reminder of three important concepts that help keep us on the road of growth::

  1. Acceptance
  2. Responsibility
  3. Defenselessness

Acceptance does not mean agree with situations as they are, it’s simply being in the moment and not evaluating the moment as good or bad, or struggling against it; it’s just being in the moment “comfortably and perceiving” as then our true power is available for whatever we want to manifest!

Responsibility is not being a victim, not playing the blame, shame, regret game but taking responsibility (cause) for every thing in our lives for by doing that, we can change anything and adjust it towards our definite major purpose.

Defenselessness is being so serene that there is no need to defend the position we have chosen. We can therefore comfortably observe any and all points of view without fear that our point of view will be alloyed unless we decide to causatively change it. There is no need to assert rightness or be critical of others points of view. We are at one with our beingness and know that all points of view are a work in progress and so we can grant beingness to all, everything, something, nothing and everything in between.

We are “nothingnessess” who are capable of creating “somethingnessess”, our unique personal manifestation by acknowledging and using the invisible power of the Universal Intelligence that we are entitled to!

From NOTHING we create (manifest) SOMETHING! SPIRIT is the WORD! The WORD precedes and commands the MANIFESTATION! The MANIFEST Universe, the Physical Universe, is the WORD of the Ultimate Creative Mind; our personal MANIFEST Universes are the WORD of our creative subjective minds! Our Universes are the individual expressions of the Universal Creative Mind.

Applicable quote:

“The Universal Intelligence – seeks expression in each of our individual lives. It has no other intention towards these individual lives other than “that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” To suppose the opposite would be a contradiction in terms. It would be to suppose the Eternal Principle of Life acting against itself, expressing itself as the reverse of what it is, in which case it would not be expressing itself but expressing its opposite; so that it is impossible to conceive of the Spirit of Life acting otherwise than to the increase of life. As our consciousness of unity becomes more perfect so will the life-givingness of the Spirit become more apparent.”

The Edinburgh Lectures THOMAS TROWARD

We are the individualizations of the Universal Creative Mind! I can not express how powerful and serene I feel knowing I am the individualization of the Universal Creative Mind. And now that I know this intrinsically there’s no way to unknown it ever again!

Yay! Fantastic! I have arrived! I am! I’m me!

The rest is simply playing this great game called life no matter what it’s wins and losses, trials and tribulations, ups and downs, while trusting my inner higher self as what is the higher self but the Universal Creative Mind channeling thru us?

I can land on any branch no matter how thin, how windy, how dangerous…because  I get it duh! I am what I will to be; I can fly whenever I want to where I want.

Personally… “I am what I will to be” now has a deeper meaning than a simple affirmation I was regurgitating expecting miraculous results. I now know without a doubt that I am plugged into the Universal Infinite Creative Mind! The separation has ended; the plastic ego has dissolved, cement Buddha cracked!

Time to begin the real game of LOVE and SERVICE!

Sounds hokey I know….but I can now USE THE FORCE! The Knowledge I have been studying since the beginning of time, my lifetimes, is now in my heart! It’s me, I am it!  Wow… It’s a spiritual rush ending the separation and plugging into the power. I never understood surrender and acceptance; I do now!

We are all Obi Wan Kenobi’s if we recognize and use the FORCE!

The Universal Mind and I are one, only difference being of degree!









One thought on “Week 23 – Thoughts Create Reality!

  1. What a perfect summation of our recent MKMMA experience! I love the Acceptance, Responsibility and Defenselessness portion and your description. The power in that is far reaching and priceless! Congratulations, John!


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