Week 14 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Week 14… seems all hell is breaking lose in my space!

Old Blueprint rearing its ugly head in many areas but you know what? Got down the Law of Dual Thought and substitution. It’s really becoming easy to substitute a prosurvival thought in place of a negative contrasurvival thought within 7 seconds or less so I’m taking a win at that!

I mean life can be stressful enough without adding your own negative thinking to an already tough situation. In fact…being in a negative space sure won’t help create or manifest a better situation so why bother?

I am not my life situation but I sure know I had something to do with creating it! In Lesson 14-7 Haanel states that “The individual is the means by which the Universal produces the various combinations which result in the formation of phenomena.” And in Lesson 14-17 Haanel states that “All things have their origin in the mind and appearances are the result of thought” so that means my new blueprint and DMP need to more than ever be inputted continuously into subby into correct clear thought erases old core beliefs and manifests the desired reality!

My burning desire by necessity let alone will is heating up that’s for sure!

“I will persist until I succeed” says Og Mandino in Scroll Three; I will win!

I am what I will to be and I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious happy healthy and wealthy!

I am nature’s greatest miracle!

I will master my emotions!

When I feel poverty I will think of the wealth to come!

May all flourish and prosper in 2015!






WEEK 13 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Week 13 – Thoughts Create Reality!

This has been a tough week for me to tell the truth! Money and family issues caused havoc with my mental diet but I faithfully applied the law of substitution and reset and listened to my DMP recording every day and read my affirmations and blueprint builder and accomplishment and grateful cards.

I couldn’t get my network marketing team out of the Holiday stupor so I failed at that but I am back and ready to crack some more cement Buddha!

I am a firm believer that we create our own problems in order to seek solutions but after awhile forget that that’s the game we’re playing.

As Haanel states in lesson 12 – 28: , “We must realize our unity with the omnipotence; get in touch with this power, come into a deep and vital understanding, appreciation and realization of the fact that your ability to think is your ability to act upon the Universal Mind and bring it into manifestation, realize it will meet any and every requirement!”

Also…. “Thought cannot conceive of anything that may not be brought to expression.” Wilson

I now know more than ever how important the mental diet is!

I am what I will to be!

But why is this so hard! It should be f…. easy dammit!

Failure is not an option…..!

Week 12 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Well, here we are at week 12 MKMMA, wow…what a group journey! To say that things are changing would be an understatement!

It’s a bit of a dichotomy though because there are some incredible things happening in my existence but at the same time those incredible things are creating some serious life challenges… probably growing pains. You know… I’m finally putting focus and order into the 90% of my mind, the subconscious, and the old cement software program is acting up and creating all kinds of disorder, some chaos and challenges.

But applying the law of substitution though and salt and peppering my “subby” with my DMP – My Definite Major Purpose – I am able to cast out those stirred-up-by-life contra-survival thoughts as I would expel a bothersome pebble from my shoe and input my DMP daily in its many shapes and forms thereby hooking up “subby” with the Universal Mind and unlimited power.

Here is one of my favorite quotes about this subject:

“That a man should be a prey to any thought that chances to take possession of his mind is commonly assumed as unavoidable. It may be a matter of regret that he should be kept awake all night from anxiety as to the issue of a lawsuit on the morrow, but that he should have the power of determining whether he be kept awake or not seems an extrava­gant demand. The image of an impending calamity is no doubt odious, but its very odiousness (we say) makes it haunt the mind all the more pertinaciously, and it is useless to try to expel it.

“Yes, this is an absurd position for man, the heir of all the ages, to be ­hag-ridden by the flimsiest creatures of his own brain. If a pebble in our boot torments us, we expel it ­we take off the boot and shake it out. And once the matter is fairly understood, it is just as easy to expel an obnoxious thought from your mind as it is to shake a stone out of your shoe; and until a man can do that it is just nonsense to talk about his ascendancy over Nature and all the rest of it. He is a mere slave, and a prey to the bat-winged phantoms that flit through the corridors of his own brain.” Edward Carpenter

I have faith; I have courage; I know I can be what I will to be!

I’ll leave you with another amazing Haanel datum from his other great book

“Mental Chemistry”

For me, it explains what we’re attempting to accomplish in this Master Mind Alliance:

“The spirit really lives completely only when it sees itself reflected in the material world.”  Charles Haanel Mental Chemistry

That quote says it all!


Week 11 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Week 11 – Thoughts Create Reality!

I’m humbled about this process here at MKMMA!

Had a discussion with Mark J about my written plan of action given my life situation and during it had a major wake up call about taking FULL responsibility, not just doing a good job, but deciding to do it all the way, all in, take no prisoners and do what it takes.

I called up my team and disseminated my POA – Plan of Action – and offered to do whatever it takes to help them get their POA written and followed. Interestingly, not everybody is responding as I thought, but the ones that are, have identified themselves as having the courage to walk their hero’s journey which really excites me to serve them!

I now make it a priority to have a folder on each team member with their lifestyle goals recorded in it so when I talk to each of them, I have their viewpoint in mind so I can service them accordingly let alone that it excites me!

In that same thread… my extended DMP (Definite Major Purpose) with background music, music that I have composed as that’s what I do for a living, is absolutely crumbling my cement Buddha and old blueprint allowing me more energy and focus on my new blueprint progress. I listen to it three times a day on my Iphone with earphones and is freakin magical and powerful! That coupled with reading my 6,000 word press release a couple of times a week is creating a focused nuclear fusion whose energy is creating my desired future reality now!

I also read the one sentence DMP version frequently and am amazed how just that one sentence triggers the entire long version.

My Dream Board is so detailed that just looking at it from a distance without even seeing the details and shapes triggers my entire major purpose!

My DMP has no choice but to manifest!

The lie is we’re having trouble manifesting what we want! The truth is we do manifest what we are thinking about (our current blueprint) so what needs to happen is to change to the desired blueprint and with a burning desire have faith backed up by continuous belief and action!

Thoughts indeed do create reality so we better make sure our core thoughts reflect the desired reality!


Week 10 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Well I’m on week 10 of the MasterKey Master Mind Alliance. I  finally have caught up and have my Movie Poster ( Dream Board ) and book marker versions etc  up all over the house!

Just looking at it in all its shapes and forms puts smiles into my universe as I know since I created those dreams I can and will achieve them!

I can be what I will to be and I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful loving, harmonious and happy are the truths connecting me up to the invisible power!

“Subby” has no choice but to be working 24-7 on coordinating the achievement of my definite major purpose. Just like Subby is on auto pilot 24-7  keeping my body’s life functions going, he is now on autopilot creating my DMP. he has been alerted, advised and commanded!

They say and excuse my French that “Shit happens when you party naked” well… “Shit also happens when subby knows exactly what he is supposed to be working on”!

I am what I am and I can be all that I will to be!

I am as Lucas’ script says “using the force”!

If the soul of the Universe as we know it is the Universal Spirit, then the Universe is simply the condition which the Universal Spirit has made for itself. We are simply individualized spirit and are creating the conditions for our growth in exactly the same way!

Creation is the calling into existence of that which does not exist in the objective world.

Thoughts Create Reality!

Thought is the connecting link!

Haanel quote:

“You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”

Bring it on baby, I dare you!


Week 9 – Thoughts Create Reality!

I love Haanel’s suggested affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong powerful, loving harmonious and happy”! And I especially like his explanation regarding why it is so powerful, namely, that it is because it is in strict accordance with TRUTH and when TRUTH appears, every form of error or discord must necessarily disappear!

I had a light bulb moment regarding the phrase “every form of error or discord”!

I immediately began listing every form of error and discord and believe me there were many of I were to be honest. I listed every departure from my Ideal Scene – my Definite Major Purpose, every damn one!

And now with total awareness and acceptance of the Universal Mind and its qualities of ALL HEALTH, ALL SUBSTANCE and ALL LOVE, I awake and loudly and with feeling state this affirmation and go to bed the same way! And anytime during the day and undesirable thoughts seek entry, I parry them with this affirmation. Works every time!

I mean everything I desire is contained in the Universal Substance so if I a consciously in communication with my Subjective Mind and asking and demanding that it, using me as the focal point of attraction, deliver my DMP, it has to materialize, it just has to per Faith and The Law of Growth!

Ask and ye shall receive is now much clearer scientifically!

I’m plugged in, the switch is on and the juice a flowing!



WEEK 8 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Interesting week in that I have finally become aware of the addiction called TV!

Now I don’t think there’s anything   intrinsically wrong with an invention that broadcasts  audio and visual to billions of people all over the world? But a) the programming is generally  terrible  and b) it’s hypnotic given  its one way flow from it to you!

Basically it validates your doing almost nothing but being an audience with thousands of choices most of which negative in content being constantly inputted in your subconscious mind.

Given the conscious mind is or at least  should be the gatekeeper to the information we are programming into our minds well duh…!

Anyway, one of the assignments  this week in the Master-key Master Mind Course was no TV for seven days! Its’ now been 5 days and wow!  Major major discovery!  First  found out how I was using TV as an escape, a non-confront, an alternative to doing what I should be doing and  secondly, what a  time and energy vampire, yikes!

The win is since I have inputted “I always keep my promises” as a way of operation, that gave me the necessary strength to resist the temptation from turning the time-waster and dream-killer on. I was then forced to do something else and guess what? Every choice I had was way f…. better than watching TV and productive towards the achievement of my DMP!

I regained about 21 hours of my life back! Even though there are occasional programs that are worthwhile content and entertaining-wise, I feel like an  alcoholic that if I  watch even  one of them, it opens the door to that other way of life – namely escapism!

Therefore… until I achieve  my DMP or at least have a major win towards that goal, I’m done! I am not contributing to that activity, an activity that usurped 21 plus hours of my life a week or about 50,000 hours so far! I’m sure I would have survived without it and much better ya think?

Life itself has way more entertainment and content value than even the best of programs      especially  given I am the programmer and can create what I want!

I am CAUSE over one more aspect o f my life –  TV! I am the Gate Keeper so boob tube off life tube on and broadcasting on all frequencies! DMP just gained 21 hours

I always keep my promises!

Week 7 – Thoughts Create Reality!

If I could just get total control over my thoughts!

I have good control but not total especially when it comes to money or the lack of –  my old blueprint brings up the negative possibilities!

I know my destiny is to become quite AFFLUENT but currently some real challenges happening – real counter-intention to my intention occurring, all the more reason to read Haanel, read DMP, Og, Law of compensation, dream board, recordings –  the works!

I got to nuke this cement over coat!

It’s governed me way too long!

I hereby suspend it and in its place I hereby substitute my DMP!

I have found that reading my press release  is  most helpful given it acknowledges that my DMP has been achieved and people are admiring it!

I’m also constantly tweaking it as I think of more details!

The key for me is being grateful that Divine Providence is already working on it and having no doubts and reservations it’s on its way!


I always keep my promises is a powerful affirmation!



Week 6 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Week 6 is really getting intense.

Creating a new Dream Board and making copes and book marks and posting everywhere to remind “subby” what his task is!

It’s a lot of work but working hard on one’s definite major purpose can’t be all bad right? I mean how ridiculous in hindsight is it to work at other things not related to your purpose, duh is my light bulb moment!

I absolutely know I have the ability to achieve my dream board and I therefore DEMAND of myself persistent continuous action towards it attainment!


It’s quite challenging though presently I might say as breaking thru the cement overcoat is a botch and creating a lot of  uncomfortable disorder which I know will pass!


But as Og Mandino says shedding which hah too long suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity.


It’s ‘ time to achieve escape velocity and orbit as if not NOW, WHEN?


I  am what I will to be!!!

Week 5 – Thoughts Create Reality!

Yikes!  Life heating up!All good!  There are so many exciting things happening in my life that the old Blueprint, the old software program as I like to refer to it, is attempting big time to re-take control –  the procrastination monster being the main demon. Then there’s the  “worry demon” that questions how I am going to do this and that or “what if this happens and that happens etc?”


But the tools we have –  the scrolls being read every day, the Blueprint Builder, the cards, shapes and colors, the DMP readings especially the out loud ones plus the Alliances and Group itself and its INTENTION to help plus Mark and Davene’s leadership… well, that’s a great army to combat past contra-survival core beliefs (past blueprint).


The old software program has been running so long and so insidiously in the subconscious, so invisible, that’s it almost impossible to spot let alone disengage!


I’ve know this wisdom for years but I can see now that without an Alliance and without consistent daily work – correct practice and work –  it’s impossible to  disengage!


An analogy would be similar to removing a program on your computer:  You first go to the list of programs on your computer and then you spot the one you want to remove and/or update. Then you remove or update.


However sometimes, the software program is so smart and insidious, that you have to have extra programs just to totally remove it from your computer especially if it’s a virus or male ware right!


Well that’s what contra-survival blueprints are!


They are malicious insidious software that invisibly  slow down, mis-direct and downright sabotage your dreams! To remove them you first have to know they exist.  Then you have to delete or reprogram them so the “subby” now knows what YOU want!  Bingo!


Now you’re back on track!


You now can be what you will to be with no interference from the world within! After all…. the world without is challenging all by itself and a great gift, a great game!


You don’t need any interference from within!