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Los Angeles Times – Don Heckman

Los Angeles Couple Amazing Reunion & Story!

January 31st 2016 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

World renowned jazz pianist/composer, music educator and author and world’s most unlikely successful network marketer John Novello has quite a story indeed!

I  caught up with John and his lovely life Barbara at their contemporary Malibu Ocean front home having just returned from a 18 week tour ending with a sold out performance at the prestigious Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. The Novello’s are inseparable and when John Tours Barbara usually travels with him and there’s quite a   back story why this is so…

I was let into their house by their assistant Carmen and escorted to a beach front patio with an incredible view of Malibu Beach front living! I was given my pick of drink and horderves and just as I was chilling down from my long drive thru Los Angele’s traffic, John and Barb came out and introduced themselves. I knew John from the past because in the late 80’s I reviewed one of his concert performances and at that time gave him a great review as I was sincerely impressed at his talent so… 24 years later to come full circle and have my review validated and see his great success was not surprising and quite exciting. I was really looking forward to this interview!


Don:  So John, great to see after all of these years! I see you’re a car lover!

John:  Yes… my dream cars are now mine! That convertible is my Bentley GT and next to it is the new Lamborghini Hurcan LP 610-4. I love fast luxurious cars! And yeah… been quite a while Don since we saw each other last.  I think the review you did was of my Quintet at “At My Place” in Santa Monica, California in 1986 correct? If I recall you said I had success potential – guess you were right! Thanks for the support!

Don:  Wow! You have a good memory as I believe that is right on the money! First congrats on all of your success! I’m impressed! And btw… love your beach front home! Is this your main residence?

John:  Thanks! No we have another home in Studio City where I have my main recording studio and office and another in Virginia where my wife is from. This Malibu home is one of our dreams come true – it’s our chill home!!! W e love relaxing in our infinity pool at night, looking up at the stars doing their magic and listening to the ocean play its melodies!

Don: Yeah… I see what you mean… I’m jealous! So how about we start off by telling us how you and Barbara met? I hear it’s quite the story!

John looked at Barbara and you could tell that they were about to enjoy telling this amazing story which they told only to a few but were about to make public”!

John: Well Don, it’s quite amazing and humbling to us and is total proof in our opinion that there is a higher force at work in the Universe indeed. Being a student of wisdom and philosophy, I’ve read and studied countless books on these subjects but empirical evidence wins hands down every time… let us explain but I warn you…It may take awhile!

Don:  “Please do!”

John:  Well at three years of age I became aware that I had some sort of friend in my head which later I called my inner voice or guide. Of course when I mentioned this to my parents they assumed it was my child imagination as all kids display as you’ll see soon, it wasn’t that at all.

The truth was I had some special intuition or precognitive abilities I didn’t quite understand yet. I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, a small, all-American hamburger town—hardly a city known for the arts but nevertheless the fourth largest city in Pa – a very cool city situated right on Late Erie.


I was sitting in front of the TV and I saw a piano player and my inner voice said, “That’s it!”I immediately pointed to the TV screen. My mom and dad took this to mean that I wanted to play the piano which I didn’t start until I was 9 years old which was a bummer for me as I was ready at three, oh well! I took piano lessons and not long after I switched to the Hammond B3 organ which seemed more expressive to my artistic communication which I discovered later.

I was a shy, skinny, introverted kid who loved mathematics and logic. This didn’t run counter to my passion for music, since music at its foundation is very logical and mathematical. There are just twelve tones in Western music. If you want to make music, all you have to do is organize the tones in various linear patterns, throw in some rhythmic variety, and add a few different colors—i.e. instruments—and, presto, you have music! I marveled at how something as logical and mathematical as music could evoke such deep emotions in people. It seemed almost magical to me, and so, to the shopping cart of my dreams that already included my desire to learn math and logic, I added my desire to be a musician.

During all this time, my inner voice continued to communicate. The next major encounter took place when I was a young teenager gazing up at the starry sky one night. I had never been able to understand how outer space could be endless, and nobody at school could give me an answer to my question. The only thing my teachers ever told me was that space went on infinitely, my physics teacher adding that it was constantly expanding. But why was it expanding, I wanted to know? Who, or what, was making this happen?

And then, one starry evening, as I was gazing up at the sky, I heard my inner voice again, and this time it was answering my question. Or rather, it was communicating to me a feeling, which I didn’t understand very well at the time, but which I would translate today as, “Yes, outer space is endless, because you are endless. You are co-creating it, this infinitude, because you are eternal.”

I was entranced by the feeling that was communicated to me by this concept. I found it pleasurable to think about it—and also puzzling and thought-provoking. My inner voice had planted in me the seeds of a great and abiding interest in the pursuit of truth and knowledge.

By this time, listening to this voice had become perfectly natural for me. I thought everyone listened to an inner voice. I thought it was second nature for everyone, and that if you paid attention to your inner voice then everything would work out all right in the end. And, since I assumed everybody was having this experience, I never mentioned my inner voice to anyone ever again.

Hearing this inner voice was not the only paranormal experience I was having. As a boy I had begun to have lucid dreams—dreams in which you’re conscious that you’re dreaming, but at the same time you’re able to keep yourself from waking up. If you work at it, you can even consciously control the direction of the dreams you’re having. In many of my lucid dreams, I was the only child who could fly around the neighborhood at will. This flying was extremely real; the details of the neighborhood seemed more vivid than waking life itself. This was amazing to me. I could even see my body if I looked down, was amazing!

It got so I actually looked forward to sleeping so that I could consciously attempt to go on these dream flights; and most of the time I succeeded. Sometimes I would wake up unexpectedly, but I wanted so badly to fly that I would immediately fall back asleep to resume my lucid dream.

One theory is that, in lucid dreaming, your “astral body,” i.e. your non-physical body, leaves your physical body, and that it is this non-physical body that, for example, does the flying around. That’s my own belief, and in fact I believe that the non-physical body is the real “you.” I now regard those lucid dreams whose course I could control with my thoughts as my first experiences of crossing into another, less dense and less physical, more thought-responsive dimension of reality.

This otherworldly level of communication was never absent from my life. The more I listened to my inner voice over the years, the more I noticed that, far more often than not, it told me the right thing. Whenever I was in a dilemma, I would ask it for advice or for outright direction. I found that, if I had the courage to follow this advice and/or accept the answer, things very often worked out for the best.

As a sidebar… when Star Wars came out in May 1977, I was for some reason drawn to it by my inner voice and wow… it did not let me down! It blew me a way as I really really related to the Jet Eye Knights mission and Yoda’s spiritual wisdom and the fight between good and evil and the powers of the FORC as hokey as that may sound.

Don: No doesn’t sound hokey at all actually.

John:  Good, as I think Lucas really got that script right, that’s for sure!

There were times when I didn’t listen to the voice and as a result made the wrong choice. It took a great many mistakes before I learned to trust this inner prompting. Eventually, I called this voice my “life’s barometer.” Whenever I heard that persistent inner voice, it was a kind of Red Alert! It was time for me to do something, or not do something—and be decisive and do it quickly. I learned that “maybes were what unsuccessful people did who had no courage or conviction.

Quite apart from my inner voice, I had a very happy boyhood. I was reared in a good, loving and stable family. My father was a carpenter and sheet metal worker who played guitar by ear and often jammed with me when I played the piano. My parents had no bad habits. They instilled in me a strong work ethic and a strong moral sense. They encouraged me toward my goals and supported me in everything I did, both then and now. I had an excellent private education. I was an honor student all through grade school, high school and college. Looking back on it now, I would have to say that I had a “storybook” upbringing.

My inner voice spoke to me a second critical time while I was watching TV. This time it was The Ed Sullivan Show. I was watching a famous band perform. The band finished a song and then, all of a sudden, I heard my inner voice say: “You can do that.”

“Do what?” I asked? “Have your own band and play and write music.”

Up until then I had never thought of music as a career. In the environment in which I was raised, music was a hobby. Being a doctor, a lawyer or a fireman—that was having a career. So I simply agreed with and owned that thought and sure enough, some weeks later, out of the blue, a friend of mine who played bass in a band approached me and asked me if I wanted to play keyboards with his band.

Don: Let me stop you here John and ask you something, “How old were you then?”

John:  I was about 16 and going into my senior year of high school.

Don:  Wow! Quite a lot of personal growth happening on its own and without any study I would say!

John:  Yes for sure but of course I had no idea at the time. Was just rolling with the flow!

Don:  I’m really curious where all of this is heading.

John:  Well the next important “follow my inner voice” occurrence was in my senior year same. Every Sunday, I used to play sand lot football up at a close-by reservoir. My cousin was supposed to pick me up Sunday morning as usual but something didn’t seem right. 30 minutes later my phone rang and it was one of best friends inviting me to go to the drag strip in upstate NY to race our cars as I had a muscle car and so did he. Well “Inner” did it again as a) I won my first drag race and trophy and b) when I came home to show my trophy which I knew would get me in trouble as I wasn’t supposed to race, my parents hugged me instead of reprimanding me! I was puzzled until they told me that my cousin’s car was totaled in an accident and everybody was killed!

Don: Are you kidding? Wish I was but that’s what happened!

John:  The “Inner” moment was when I was graduating College with a a Math Major. There came a point in my senior year when I was asked to fill out an application form for post-grad school so that I could work on getting a master and doctorate in mathematics. I looked over the 25-page application form—I was in the dean’s office at the time—and suddenly I started to laugh out loud. My academic advisor came over and asked me what was so funny. I replied:  “This application form has absolutely nothing at all to do with me.”

And then I tore it up, right before his eyes. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. I was one of his best students, with a 3.7 grade point average, and here I was “just throwing my life away!” But actually I was doing the opposite. I was taking my life back. I didn’t go on to postgraduate school. I pursued my real love in this life: the creative arts, specifically music. And, ever afterward, when people have asked me how they can give up their day job and do what they love—e.g. follow a career in music like I did—without worrying about where the money will come from, I always tell them that it is only fear that holds them back from following their dream, that the money will somehow come, and that “Heaven” consists of doing exactly what you want to do and making a good living at it, while “Hell” consists of doing something you absolutely hate—and making a good living at it!

As another sidebar, I learned this later that the kingdom of heaven is truly inside of us if we just listen and have the courage to act upon our belief.

Don:  So obviously given your amazing accomplishments as a musician and composer that turned out to be yet again an important decision in your life?

John:  Absolutely! But I left something out as there’s a reason why I’ve led you down this thread about becoming aware of my inner voice as you did ask me how I met my incredible wife, correct?

Don:  Yes… I actually forgot my question given how enthralled I am with your story so far.

John:  Well in my junior year, one of my best football buddies was dating a very cute blonde. My inner voice definitely was going off in a positive way but as I said earlier, I was a shy skinny kid with not a lot of confidence in the dating game. One day I heard the girl in question broke up with my buddy and so I mustered up the courage to call her and ask her if she’d go out with me and to my utter surprise she said yes! We dated for 6 months but one day I went to her house to pick her up to get some pizza and hang and her mom answered the door and gave me an envelope that had no note but inside had my ring which in those days meant she was breaking up with me. I never saw her again if you can believe that and so that was an enigma for sure. In hindsight, it was all part of destiny. You see I believe we incarnate with a Definite Major Purpose that we’re supposed to carry out but we also have free choice to do whatever. So destiny and free choice can actually operate together. Little did I know later, through my involvement with network marketing, I would meet someone originally from Boston of all places who had a course called the Master Key based on the works of Charles Haanel which would help my DMP – Definite Major Purpose – finally into fruition!

I did play keyboards with that friend’s band. And soon after I had a band of my own, The Jades. While I was still in Erie, PA, I became the leader of two more bands, Symon Grace and The Tuesday Blues, and C.J. Bri.

It was while I was with the second group that I almost made the leap into fame. Symon Grace and The Tuesday Blues had the good fortune to be discovered by a well-known record producer, Roger Karshner, who at the time had the hit single Time Won’t Let Me with The Outsiders. Karshner was passing through Erie on his way home to Cleveland when he got caught in a bad snowstorm and had to put up at the Ramada Inn off Interstate-90 just outside of town. This was the very same Ramada Inn in whose lounge my band, Symon Grace & The Tuesday Blues, was playing that night. Roger Karshner came into the lounge, listened to us play and signed us up to a record deal on the spot.

We recorded a single with Mainline Records, You Won’t Keep Me Working, that made it to Number Seven on the tri-state charts and seemed about to break nationally. To make a long story short, right about then our lead singer, Mike Nuber, was drafted into the military and the record company dropped us because we were a vocal band and too risky an investment for them without our lead singer.

This devastated me. “Why?” I asked my inner voice. “Now what? First, you tell me to give up graduate school and follow my musical dream. And now it appears my dream just went up in smoke. What gives, man?”

The answer I got was very specific. “You were not ready for this success. For what you’re destined to do in life, you need to move away from Erie and experience being on your own. You also need to get fully trained as a composer, arranger and keyboardist. And you need to learn about your spiritual roots. None of this will you be able to do here in Erie.”

I’ll never forget that answer. It was clear, precise—and even a little spooky. But it made sense. I had been through the belief systems of conventional religion, which didn’t work for me, and I had gone about as far as I could as a bandleader in Erie. But moving away was a big decision. Where in the world would I go? And when? What in the world would I do?

I decided through a friend’s advice that I would seriously study my musical craft at the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Don: So how did this lead to you meeting Barbara your wife?

John:  Now hang on Don… I’m getting there! Basically after living in Boston for five years my inner voice said to move out to California which I did with my girlfriend. By the time we arrived and paid first and last on an apartment, we were broke! I went to bed broke and woke up broke but my “Inner” told me to go to this music store to try out the new synthesizer keyboard just released by Oberheim. I had no money to buy it but my “voice” literally said “Famous musicians buy their touring equipment at this   well know Music Store called Guitar Center. Well I went there and started playing this new keyboard which was $5000 – way out of price league. I was playing away when this guy came up to me and said “Man you really play soulful!” I said “Thanks man”! He then said he had a band that was releasing a single next month on Capital Records and they needed a Musical Director. I gave him my card not thinking anything about it.

It must have been about three weeks later when I was awakened one morning by the sounds of disco music blaring from the radio. I yelled at my girlfriend, Carol, to turn the radio down. She had to get up early, since she had a straight 9:00-5:00 job. Being a musician, I got up much later, which was one of the reasons why our relationship was on the rocks. Perhaps it was just as well we weren’t on good terms, though, since I’m sure she’d turned the radio up on purpose, knowing I’d be annoyed. Ha Ha… lucky me in hindsight.  And, as it turned out, this was one disco tune I absolutely needed to hear.

I was getting up myself to turn the radio down when the music ended. The DJ announced that he’d been playing a tune called Boogie Oogie Oogie, by a brand-new rhythm and blues/disco group called A Taste of Honey. Boogie Oogie Oogie was the group’s debut single, and it was Number 42 on the Hit Parade “with a bullet,” which meant it was rising fast.

I was groggy from sleep and didn’t take this in for a minute. Then it hit me. This was the band that guy had been talking about at Guitar Center some three weeks earlier, the band he’d wanted me to sign up with. And they really did have a hit single, Boogie Oogie Oogie, which was storming the charts! The offer had been for real.

It seemed like my inner voice was powerfully guiding me.I got dressed and rummaged around the apartment for the guy’s number. After almost two hours I found it, neatly tucked away in the top pocket of a shirt I hadn’t worn for awhile. His name was Perry. I telephoned. Perry Kibble answered the phone.

I told him who I was and said I’d just heard the song on the radio. “Man,” he exclaimed, “am I glad you called! Our song is a hit, and we’re going out to do a major tour with the Commodores in a few weeks, and we still need a musical director who can not only play but also arrange and conduct.” He’d been looking all over for my number, because he knew I was the guy they needed, but he hadn’t been able to find it.

Within two months, it was a number One R&B Disco bestseller in the country. It would eventually sell nine million records and become the number one R&B/Disco best-selling tune in the world on Capitol Records! The song garnered us a “Best New Artist of the Year” Grammy Award for 1978.

That period when A Taste of Honey was topping the global charts was an amazing one for me. We flew from gig to gig in chartered jets, playing in halls that seated at least 20,000 and, at one point, drawing 90,000 howling fans at Soldier Field in Chicago. I made quite a bit of money and acquired quite a few contacts. The only downside was that I didn’t really like R&B Disco music, and was always dreaming of starting my own band and playing and composing the progressive jazz rock fusion jazz that had so caught my interest at Berklee. My inner voice helped me make money but it wasn’t still exactly quite right yet.

Don: So now you dump your girlfriend and meet your current wife barb?

Barb: Not exactly said Barb who had been sitting there very quietly and listening. I was back east and had three children and was a successful Interior Designer. As John said earlier, we never saw each other after I gave his ring back. My mom was supposed to give him the envelope but tell John to meet me at the library but she forgot. When John told his mom what I had done, give the ring back with no explanation, she said “Forgetabouther”! We moved out of town and so did John to Boston and we never saw each other again. I got married twice and raised three kids. John got married in Los Angeles to a jazz singer, actress and renown vocal instructor and had a pretty successful career starting with the band Taste of Honey he just mentioned. He went on to play with Donna Summer, Manhattan Transfer, Edgar Winter, Ramsel Lewis and many more well know acts. Thirty eight years went by as we lived our separate lives with destiny unknowingly closing in and then John’s wife got an aggressive breast cancer and in just two years she passed away. He was still grieving but my youngest daughter Katey googled John’s name and said “Mom, that guy you used to date is quite famous! He’s mentioned in over a half million websites. Let’s contact him and see if he remembers you.” It took me one year to get the courage given how we split up but one day I emailed him.

John: I’m jumping back in here. Two weeks earlier before she emailed me, I was walking around my house in Los Angeles and Barb’s presence fill the space between my ears. It was a breath of fresh air given my recent loss a year earlier which I still wasn’t fully over as my late wife and I were really tight! I smiled and said to my “inner voice” which btw way I now call “Subby” short for my subjective or subconscious mind… “Hmmmm… I’m sure there’s a reason I thought of Barb after all of these years. Surer enough, two weeks later, she emailed me saying “Dear John, Do you remember me?” Barb Simpson.

Barb: Now to my shock, he answered almost immediately! And the first thing he said was “Yes, what the hell happened? Why did you give my ring back with no explanation?” It was if the 38 years didn’t even exist in John’s world. Basically, I told him that his buddy that I used to date threatened me that if I didn’t break up with John by Friday night at 7 PM that he would spread a rumor all around town that I was a slut! In those days, reputation was everything so I got scared and gave him his ring back but wanted to meet him at the library which of course given the script never happened!

Don: This is incredible… tell me more!

John:  Well when she told me that I just about jumped on a plane to go back to my home town Erie, Pa and punch this cat out! Anyway… we began catching up and when I found out she was separating from her husband, I got excited all over again. I remembered when my wife passed away in my arms, she looked up at me and said with great difficulty because the cancer had spread to her brain “I love you John Novello, Thank you! Someone is on the way to you.” I didn’t really understand this at all at the time. Well apparently that someone was   my first high school sweetheart, the miracle of my current life Barbara.

We hug and look at the Interviewer Don who is holding back the tears!

John & Barb:   Almost in unison – Don, you ain’t heard nothing yet!

Don:  There’s more!

John & Barb:  Looking in each others eyes,  Yes!

John:  Well we courted over the phone and email for three months until one day Barb had to come out to Los Angeles for business. She was an Interior Designer and estate’s manager who worked for President Bush’s appointment Secretary of Energy billionaire Samuel Bodman. She booked a Flight on a Tuesday a few weeks later. We were both excited to reunite. She had just went thru a nasty divorce and I had just went thru hell watching my wife waste away in the prime of her life! About three days before her Flight my “Subby”’s alarm went off and told me on no certain terms that something’s not right with that day! By now I never questioned that voice, that angel, that higher part of myself, never! So I called her up and said to change her flight to they following Friday. She thought I was shining her off for some other “booty” call and all of her friends said to stay away from a widower let alone a musician. I assured her that was not the case but please trust me. She reluctantly rescheduled her flight!

Barb:  Yeah and I had to pay extra fro the last minute change!

John:  Anyway Don… you sitting down for the punch line, the answer to your question “How did we meet?”

Don:  Hell yeah!

John:  One word – 911!

Don:  You’re shitting me pardon my French!

Barb:  No he’s Not! I was supposed to be on AA Flight 77 that took off Dulles Airport at 8:20AM!


Don:  I just about fell out of my chair when the Novello’s told me this. Now I know why they were inseparable, why they traveled everywhere together and had such a charisma about themselves, wow! How could this be?

John:  Don’t know Don. It was what it was; I’m just thankful because I don’t think I could have taken losing another especially Barb! Regarding 911: Well that’s another interview as there’s something pretty fishy about that whole incident ya think? Don’t get me started but the important thing is she wasn’t on that Flight wherever it ended up and of course….  I had to marry her after that. She moved out to California and we’ve been happily married ever since while I continued to pursue my music career! I solved the mystery as to what happened to Barbara Simpson 38 years ago. Now I had to solve   the mystery of achieving financial independence, had to had to had to which I obviously did!

Don:  Amazing! I’m still stuck back at 911! Wow! So yes… I would say that qualifies as “solving” the mystery and then some! Your beach front is spectacular by the way!! Your music is heard everywhere, your touring and performing to sold out Venues, your music instructional manuals are not only acclaimed but selling like pancakes, your network marketing company I heard is out of control, your request for master classes, your scoring movies on and on.

John:  Yes it should be -lots of money in the bank, investments and even more coming in. I am so humbled that people want what I have to give; that they allow me to serve them. I am booked for years in advance which is as it should be but until recently, that was not so. You have to give to receive; greatness is to serve – I’ve heard these sayings a thousand times but never really implemented them in to my mindset, into my subjective mind, my subconscious, my “subby” so to speak.

I was famous, was in two multi-platinum Grammy winning bands that sold over 12 million records but never turned my fame and accomplishments into real financial freedom.



So show me the money!



True, I made a few million over my lifetime but it was never lasting. Something was not quite right so I was constantly studying philosophy and seeking wisdom and reading everything I could get my hands on but as good as all the knowledge was, it didn’t crack that “Cement Buddha! I still perceived I was in the midst of a series of tests, tasks, or ordeals that the must undergo to begin my final transformation.


Despite my introversion as to why my God given talents hadn’t made me wealthy, I continued achieving many things. I started several new bands. One in particular called Niacin is acclaimed as one of the best progressive jazz rock bands of all times. We charted #19 on the Billboard Jazz Charts in 2013 and have over 8 CD’s out. I also wrote a critically acclaimed instructional series The Contemporary Keyboardist published by Hal Leonard, I produced other artists, I toured the world but for some reason never got on the other side of money! Didn’t make any sense! Like wtf?

In 2009 a friend of mine introduced me to Network Marketing. Hadn’t a clue what that was but given I was becoming obsessed about solving this money situation, I gave it a try. In four years I went to the top of the Company and became the first Platinum West of the Rockies; made hundreds of thousands but again the same end result – short lived! I was sure I was somehow sabotaging my money lines! Dammit I had to solve this.

Don:  Can’t imagine as from my vantage point, always thought you were quite wealthy, really!

John:  Yeah I know. Imagine how that felt on this end. I felt like a fake. I mean how one blessed with so many talents and so much fame and accomplishment could have trouble with making and keeping money? Makes no sense unless your blueprint, your software program, your core beliefs were bugged.

Then I read three books in the course of 8 weeks that began making sense.  in hindsight, I feel they were routed to me as I  needed their wisdom at that exact time! I was familiar with the concept from my past studies but I needed that knowledge at that time and I needed it said in a different way I guess.


“The Nature of Personal Reality”  by Jane Roberts

“Consciously Creating Circumstances” by George Winslow Plummer

“The Science of Getting Rich” Wallace D Wattles


They as others basically said the same thing, that Thoughts Create Reality! That I need to change my core thoughts and beliefs as they were creating my present reality! I believed this but something was missing – the how!

Then while working my first and now former network marketing company, I discovered Mark Januszewski’s website. My inner voice said “News flash! Proceed! This is your final learning break-thru! As I studied his networking marketing training, I could see there was more going on than met my eye, so I dug deeper. I was amazed how giving he was of his network marketing training. He had all of these free posted training videos with no up-selling which were loaded with helpful wisdom, more than most, on how to successfully work any network marketing business.

Don:  I haven’t heard of him?

John:  He’s a very successful network marketer who built several successful network marketing businesses and then sold them and came a success author and guru, speaker and consultant He lives in Kauai one of my favorite places to visit of all times. I’ve hiked all over that island and actually almost fell off one of the high vertical cliffs during the rain on a dangerous trail on the Na Pali Coast near Puu o Kila Lookout and Overlook. It’s probably the most spectacular view I have ever seen in my entire life, down right a religious experience! It overlooks the Alakai Swamp (the highest swamp in the world). The views here are even better than those found at the official Kalalau Lookout a mile back on the road. But the key to my final success came when I saw a promotion on his site about his Master Key Master Mind Alliance Course based on the Master-Key-System by Charles Haanel.

Napoleon Hill author of Think & Grow Rich said “I believe in giving credit where it is due, therefore I am informing you that my present success which has followed my work as President of the Napoleon Hill Institute is due largely to the principles laid down in The Master Key System.”

Don:  I know of Napoleon Hill for sure…Very famous author.

John: Yes and I had already read and tried to apply some of his principles with a little success but never had a break thru if you know what I mean. I was directed by my “inner” to sign up for the course and the rest is history. In six months I changed my past BLUEPRINT that constantly sabotaged my career and income lines! My talents and abilities didn’t change now mind you but I did. I really saw that the world within does indeed create the world without! I got it 100% due to the 6 month intensive training. Before I knew it in theory but I did not have a master Alliance, a group of like minded people, to put the theory into application. This was the missing piece of the puzzle! Weeks into the program immediate change towards my personal major purpose began occurring on a daily basis. It changes positively so fast I could barely keep up with it. Doors I had been banging my head on to no avail in the entertainment world were not only swinging open but people were contacting me left and right wanting my services! It was on one hand magical but on the other hand I knew it was as it should be as why would I be blessed with all of my talents and abilities only to not use them? Made no sense you see!


Don:  So you’re saying your life long quest finally exploded when you finally really truly changed your inner world!

John: Absolutely! When I put my inner world on notice and demanded it pursue my definite major purpose which during the course you clear up with guides, the world without began complying and delivering! Before I knew the concept in theory but never really did the hard work. My CD’s beginselling,audiences showed up, I was terminated by my network marketing company on a technical conflict of interest clause only to discover a new company that was way better!

I now compose original music, perform all over the world aesthetically entertaining audiences everywhere, author best selling music instruction books, produce other talented artists of my choice and help thousands become more healthy and flourish with my new network marketing company!

Barb: Yeah, it’s incredible! We own our own lives now and do what we want when we want it! We serve others on a daily basis and humbled at the power we all have within us if only we would acknowledge its existence and learn how to use it!

John: It’s like George Lucas’ famous phrase in Star Wars “Use the FORCE, Luke”! Now I know why that movie did so well. It resonated the truth that people knew down deep – namely we can all be what we WILL to be!


End of Interview!


With that the interview ended! The Novello’s story was a rare one indeed – very inspiring!   I was truly inspired being in their presence and couldn’t help begin thinking about my world within!

Note:  At the time of  this writing, The Novello’s were headed to Italy for a two week vacation and then right back doing what they love to do – being together,  celebrating the joy of life, the joy of creation and joy of servicing others!












































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